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Issue 25

issue 25

The Celebration Issue

Simon Wild, Tereza Rowe, Manuel Viergutz {aka EM-VII}, Liss Winnel from Daydream Lily and our 12 Blanket 2011 Calendar artists: Adam James Turnbull, Mark Malarky, Patrick O’Leary, Santiago Merino, Niki Pilkington, Devon Smith, Stephen P Loya, Ekaterina Koroleva, Rohan Fraser, Christopher Davison, Amy Friend and Reena Makwana. 

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Issue 24

issue 24

The Landscape Issue

Jo Cheung, Darim Kim, Erin Tyner, Matthew Albanese, Frank Plant, Lindsay Blamey, Megan Scheminske, Jesse Draxler.

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Issue 23

issue 23

The Gone But Not Forgotten Issue

Katherine Beefheart, Vanessa Zoydberg,  Tamara Maynes, Alischa Herrmann from Bespoke Press, Chad Kouri, Jonathan Chapman {aka mrYen}, Tory Fiterre, We Are Willow.

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Issue 22

issue 22

The Cosmos Issue

Tanya Johnston, Ivan Khmelevsky, Elaine Duigenan {and astronaut Leland D Melvin!}, Kaitlin Beckett and our exclusive Blanket Project, Astrology Psychology, featuring 12 emerging artists and their original artwork.

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Issue 21

issue 21

The Rock, Paper, Scissors Issue

Miso, Ghostpatrol, Dan Stiles, Know Hope, FloraFauna, Us & Them, Anthony Zinonos, Kathryn MacNaughton, Shannon Rankin.

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Issue 20

issue 20

The I Think I Can Fly Issue

Jenkins, Marc Aspinell from The Tree House Press, Monsieur Cabinet, Ed Wardle, Anna Bond, Faythe Levine, Julia Rothman, Steve Watson, Mill Co, WAFA Collective and the publishers from Beautiful/Decay, Wooden Toy Quarterly, New Sugar, Mankind Mag, Ammo Magazine, Bearded Magazine, Unless You Will, Proteus Mag and Forth Thread.

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Issue 19

issue 19

The Holiday Issue

Si Scott, Jessica Hische, Marc Johns, Sarah Firth and our 12 Blanket 2010 Calendar artists.

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Issue 18

issue 18

The Black and White Issue

Precise Monkey, Nigel Peake, Kim Holtermand, Daren Newman, Sophie Henson, Mike Perry.

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Issue 17

issue 17

The Consumer Issue

Adam Nickel {aka Kilowatt Kat}, Blambot, Kate Bingaman-Burt, Catalina Estrada, Debaser.

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Issue 16

issue 16

The Portrait Issue

Felix Rodriguez, Silja Goetz, Neil McCann, Kate Lighfoot.

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Issue 15

issue 15

The Communication Issue

Will Bryant, Betsy Walton, Alvaro Sanchez, Coralie Bickford Smith, 1000 Journals, Post Secret.

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Issue 14

issue 14

The Blue Issue

Allan Deas, Jesse Hora, Edward McGowan, Gemma Correll,, The Shiny Squirrel.

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Issue 13

issue 13

The Past & Present Issue

The Reanimation Library, Stefan Venbroek, Bec Winnel, Digby & Iona.

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Issue 12

issue 12

The Travel Issue

9LI, Dirk Fowler, Fleur Harris, Ella Condon, Sam Phelps.

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Issue 11

issue 11

The Confession Issue

Hannah Stouffer, Bindi Booth, Sue-Ching Lascelles, Love Ariel.

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Issue 10

issue 10

The Recycled Issue

Magdalena Bors, Eduardo Recife, Liana Kabel, Robbie Rowlands, Sherbet Birdie, Sandra Krumins.

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Issue 9

issue 9

The Music Issue

Kareem Rizk, Sanna Annukka, Jurate Bang, Mozi, Glen Wilkie, Angelo Kehagias, Alison Richards.

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Issue 8

issue 8

I Made This Issue

Sabrina Tibourtine, Daniel Stolle, Kelly Smith, Sew Your Own, Drink Me Alice, Limedrop, Dick & Dora, Thread Den, Anna Laura, Five And A Half.

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Issue 7

issue 7

The Aqua Issue

Siobhan Frost, Saelee Oh, Samantha Everton, Lehel Kovacs, Madeleine Stamer, Anke Weckmann, Leith O’Malley, Andrea Innocent, Paul Blow, Jody Rogac.

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Issue 6

issue 6

The Good vs Evil Issue

Ana Bagayan, Joe Penrod, Hello Bard, March Castle, Justin Walshe, Gordon Weibe, Luke Cheuh, Michelle Arcila, Jen Stark.

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Issue 5

issue 5

The Face Issue

Derek Swalwell, Dustin Parker, Inaluxe, Jesse Hora, Karl Kwasny, Maricor Maricar, Matt W Moore, Natalie Jeffcott, Saul Zanolari.

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Issue 4

issue 4

The Movement Issue

Amy Sol, Julianna Swaney, Kenichi Hoshine, Brad Eastman, Giacomo Brunelli, Helga Kvam, Kanako Sasaki, Kyle Fletcher, Lucas Blalock, Seth Ferris, TLM Philly.

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Issue 3

issue 3

The Collections Issue

Si Scott, Jeremyville, Julien Pacaud, Heidi Yount, Erick Montes, Beci Orpin, Janet Pogorelc, Serial Cut, David Capra, Chris Haughton.

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Issue 2

issue 2

The Urban Issue

Jeff Kleinsmith, Jesse Le Doux, Simon Hogsburg, Nate Williams, Sarah Sculley, James Gulliver Hancock, Ollie, Apple Moshberry, Hammer & Daisy, Seth Reider.

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Issue 1

issue 1

The Yellow Issue

Deanne Cheuk, Tom McGhee, Tiffany Shafran, Dane Lovett, Studio Binocular, Mathematics, The Grates, Rachel Cattle, The Poster List, Andrio Abero.

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